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    A Short Trip to Bandung

    warung langit bandung

    I’ve always said I love Bandung, and as someone who lived there for 8 years, it baffles me that Bandung isn’t more internationally renowned, compared to, say, Yogyakarta. It might be for the best though, since one of the things I love the most about Bandung is its homeliness and friendly vibe. No matter how long I’ve been away, Bandung always welcomes me like a mother with its comfort and simplicity.

    Last week, I went there for a 2-day getaway, but the trip didn’t start well. The drive from Jakarta to Bandung took 7 (SEVEN!) hours, instead of the standard 3 hours. My friends told me that apparently, the standard time now was 4-5 hours. I swear the traffic here is getting worse each day (a tip to anyone who’s planning to go to Bandung: take the train! Going to Gambir station is such a pain in the ass, but it’s still better than being stuck in the traffic for that long).

    The 7-hour ride messed my plan for the day, but it wouldn’t be Bandung if it couldn’t have picked up my mood. I didn’t have any plan except to eat at my old favorite places. I didn’t get to go to as many places as I’d like to (damn traffic), but here’s the summary of my Bandung trip. Read more