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About Why I Sleep Too Much

I woke up today with a message in my cell phone from my friend:

“Where are you? Not in class?”

I told him I was overslept, which was partially true. He said:

“You DO sleep all the time.”

The truth is, I was awake about twenty minutes before the class started. If I wanted to, I could rush and attend the class. But I didn’t want to. Dragging myself out of bed has been one hell of a job these days. I spend more than 16 hours on bed, sleeping, and still feel so drained afterward. I practically sleep everywhere: in my room, in the campus, at my friends’, in class, you name it. My friends start wondering why I sleep too much lately, so today I tweeted:

When your personal life crumbles and there’s nothing you can do about it, just sleep.

So then I sleep, hoping that once I wake up, everything that matters won’t matter anymore, and the pain inside will subside.

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