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    Room Tour: The Lair

    I’m one of those people who like to have a peek into other people’s living space. It’s fascinating to see how people’s personalities reflected in the decor, as much as it’s delightful to find inspiration in the way people spruce up their home in ways I could never think of.

    And so, I’ll share a little peek into my favorite room in the apartment, a space I affectionately call ‘the lair’. I like to think this is where I hatch plans to take over the world, so that’s how it got its name *cue evil laugh*.

    Having a room just for myself is such a luxury that I hadn’t had in a while. After a series of apartments with limited space, we were finally able to find one that’s bigger than a shoebox. And bonus: there’s a room for each of us (H & me) where we can do whatever we want.

    The room I’ve chosen for my lair is a small, L-shaped room with a slanted ceiling. It’s tiny to begin with, and the slanted ceiling cuts 1/3 of the area that I can actually use, but I’m fine with that. I love that it adds character to the room. Read more