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Favorite Bits of Bled

A few months ago, when talking about Slovenia, Maša told me about Bled. I googled it and knew right away that I had to go there. All the photos looked dreamy and magical, and the cheap tickets made it easier for me to decide my Easter break plan.

I arrived in Ljubljana on Friday night, stayed late at her sister’s graduation party, and woke up at 9.30 in the morning the next day. I unpacked my big suitcase and tossed the essentials for the weekend getaway into a tiny bag, and a few hours later we were already on our way to Bled.

In less than an hour, we got to a cute little cottage near the lake. Maša showed me my room for the night, which was sweetly placed in the attic. This got me even more excited. Staying in a cottage without internet connection in an attic room was just perfect for a getaway. We put our stuff and walked to the lake.

A few minutes into walking around, we came across this man who was sitting on a white bench. I have no idea why I took a picture of him looking at the lake. Maybe it had something to do with the feeling of how he was enjoying the solitude, like I sometimes do.



It took us three hours to walk around the lake. Longer than the normal time, because I kept stopping to take pictures while saying sorry for stopping too many times, and Maša kept saying ‘Don’t worry, take as much time as you need.’ So I did. Sometimes I stopped and just looked around, too mesmerized to capture anything. It was just too dreamy.

IMG_6041 copy

 Another beauty: the color of the lake, thanks to the limestone.


The weather changed like crazy while we were there. One minute it was drizzling and windy, and the next minute it was sunny again. By the time the sun was ready to set, the sky cleared up and I lost count of how many times I gasped.


And being here with her has made this one of my favorite holidays. Nothing can beat being in a beautiful place with a good friend.

IMG_6123 copy

On the second day, we hiked up to the castle and spent some time inside the museum.


I’d imagined that the view would be even more spectacular from the top, and it didn’t disappoint me.




If there’s one word to describe my feeling when I saw it for the first time, it’s surreal. I took hundreds of photos in that weekend, and it’s really hard to choose my favorite. Being here was such a humbling experience as I realized that the world is THAT big and beautiful, and there are only a few things that I’ve seen. It made me crave for more adventures, more trips, and more feelings like this.


Fingers crossed for many more adventures, and for going back here someday.

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