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    Hello, Old Friends

    Since 2018, I’ve always chosen a word at the beginning of the year as the central point to focus on my effort for that particular year.

    In 2018, I moved to Gothenburg, Sweden, and I chose ‘root’ for the word that year. It was apt; I needed to put down roots in this new place in a new country, with a new culture and new people. In 2019, I chose the word ‘bloom’. As I’d established the foundation the previous year, I switched gears to growing in and improving some aspects of my new life in Sweden. I focused on improving my Swedish, growing my career, and being a part of Swedish society.

    For this year, I chose the word ‘nurture’. I’ve had pretty significant success with choosing a word of intention each year and sticking to it. The 2 words I chose in 2018 and 2019 guided me to stay in the right direction whenever I started to go astray. And now I can navigate life in Sweden at ease (most of the time at least), my Swedish has improved, and I’m satisfied with where I’m at in my career.

    But as I worked hard on these things in the last 2 years, some areas in my life were neglected, or didn’t get enough attention as they should. One of those is my relationships with friends and family.

    And that’s why 2020 is the year that I’m working on it; nurturing it. Read more