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This May

I’ve never been an avid fan of May, and to tell the truth, I’m glad that June is coming in two days. May is the mark of a hectic phase, as I usually have exams and sleepless nights with caffeine that I can never resist. Thank God, this May is slightly better than the other Mays.

To recap, this May started with a sweet little escape to Jogja. Life after that wasn’t that good. There were blues and unexpected things, but as the clich√© says, ‘life goes on‘. I still have my sleepless nights, but this time it’s because of something other than the final exams. It’s me, staying up in front of the laptop until the sun goes up to make itinerary and book a lot of things. And I’m not kidding, it’s a damn lot of things.

And as good as it began, this May ends with something sweet to be remembered. I say hello and goodbye to this May with an ear-to-ear grin, a warm heart, and a piece of precious memory.

This is an early goodbye to May and an overly eager hello to June, summer, and a super big escape.

Goodbye May, and hello adventures!

Like a paper plane
Take a trip, join me in the sun

Grandaddy, Summer Here Kids

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