It’s been a few months since the fallout, but we’re okay. At least, I pretend we’re okay. As much as I want things to get like it was at the first time, I really can’t disremember about what you did. 

I know you meant well, but sorry, that didn’t turn out great. Saying the truth (no matter how harsh it was) is one thing, but discouraging is another thing. I think that’s the point when I realized that sometimes I have to tune out the things people say, particularly the one that says I can’t do this or that. That’s what I’ve been doing anyway, shutting myself up from negative things said by negative people, one of them is you. 

I wasn’t looking for consolation when I came to you that time, but I wasn’t expecting a condescending demeanor either.

So, no, I don’t have any intention to hop on the same bus with you again and taking the same route, and getting off in different stops. I’d prefer to take a complete different direction, as long as I can keep myself believing in the dream once you tried to obliterate. 

So long, dear.

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