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Divie’s First Concert

My sister Divie has a true love for music. We began taking piano lesson since early age, but along the way I got bored and stopped, and she continued to learn on her own when we moved to Sumbawa. Later when she moved to Bandung, she began taking another piano lesson, and then, violin lesson. Wow. I still can’t believe how she can manage all that.

Anyway, I know that being in ISO concert has been her dream since last year, or maybe even longer than that. She practiced everyday (no kidding, sometimes I got tired of hearing the screeching sound of the violin. Sorry Div!), and when she passed the audition, she opened my door and screamed “I MADE IT!”

Days before the concert, she made a fuss about her dress, make up, and hairdo, to which I replied, “Nobody will see you clearly anyway,” (which was proven to be true. I couldn’t take a good look at her since she was on the second row and the conductor was kinda blocking my view). But when I came to her, she looked radiant. Maybe that’s a look with mixture of pride, joy, and happiness.

Seeing her on the stage with the violin somehow almost made me cry. She played gracefully, and I’m thankful that I still have the chance to watch her concert. I can’t wait to see her in a bigger concert.







I’m a proud sister!

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