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Cornwall pt 5: Tintagel

After such a long procrastination, here come the last post of the Cornwall trip. But before I say anything about this, let me warn you: do NOT believe any of these pictures. The place itself is hundreds times more amazing than this, it isn’t finely depicted in the pictures.

The first time I read about Tintagel in Travelodge’s brochure, I didn’t expect anything. I thought it was just a ruin of a castle. I was expecting to explore all of that in less than an hour. The reality? It was much more than that. Thank god we paid the parking meter for 3 hours.

For one thing, we had to walk quite a long way, some part was even uphill. But I have to admit the first glimpse of it was promising.




We first walked downstairs to the Merlin’s Cave, fearing that if we went later the tide would go higher and blocked the entrance (not totally blocked it, but we didn’t want our feet to be soaking wet). This cave was brought to fame by Tennyson’s Idylls of the King, where baby Arthur was swept to the shore by waves and Merlin saved him.

We had to walk downstairs to reach the entrance, which is located on the left end of the beach, Walking in the cave, I found out that the other end was… the sea. Good thing we went here first, because an hour later it was already high tide and the water started to fill in the entrance (and the cave). Much like the story in Blyton’s Five Go Down to the Sea, isn’t it?


After that, it was up, up, and up. It was pretty exhausting, actually, But along the way, we saw these scenic view, so it didn’t really matter.




The view at the top was amazing. Sea on one end, and hills on the other. Sweet.


photo (29)

The walk back down wasn’t disappointing either. It kept me gasping at every corner.




It really was the cherry on top of our fabulous Cornwall trip. Do I want to come back here? A thousand times yes. The entrance ticket wasn’t expensive anyway, around five quids for a student (compared to Stonehenge ticket which was around seven quids, this was totally worth it, and Stonehenge was a total rip-off).

In the end, my biggest thank you goes to Rama for driving all the way from Southampton to Cornwall, then back at Southampton, with some mean jokes along the way; Oka for taking care all the bookings and car rent, and also for being a navigator along with Tomtom (whom we often cursed along the way. Tomtom, I mean, not Oka); and Dwi for supplying us with endless Haribo, which has become my favorite snack since then.

For this trip. there are some things that will stuck in my memory for a long time, apart from the scenic view along the way. Like an old man in Plymouth who mocked us about our pronunciation, the strong smell we experienced somewhere near Tintagel (thanks to some horses), getting lost and having to reroute for many, many, many times, and all the jokes along the way that make me laugh until my tummy ached.

Thank you for the wonderful trip, guys!


P.S. To see the previous parts, please click on the links: St. Ives, Land’s End, Penzance, Cotehele.

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  • Reply alfirafitrananda

    Aaaahh sooo beautifuuuuuullll :’)
    Hope could go there someday 🙂

    November 7, 2013 at 2:49 pm
    • Reply Dixiezetha

      It is, indeed. Diaminin dari sini yaa, semoga bisa terkabul keinginannya 🙂

      November 7, 2013 at 3:06 pm

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