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It’s been 4 months (four!) since I went to Ljubljana, and I must admit that I’m really bad at keeping track of my travel journal. Oh well, better late than never.

So after six-hours trip from Salzburg, I arrived at Ljubljana and Maša picked me up at the train station. When she asked, ‘Are you tired?’ I said no because I wasn’t, and I really didn’t see what was happening next. I ended up in her sister’s graduation party, probably the only one who wore a pullover, leggings, and sneakers among the glamorously dressed students, parents, and teachers. I didn’t mind though. That was a taste of Slovenian experience.

The next morning, I packed really quickly for a weekend away at Bled. Considering we still had time before we had to leave, Maša took me for a walk around the town, and I fell in love at once.

We went to Vodnik Square to see the market, where a lady gave me a bunch of flowers upon knowing that I was there for a holiday. I couldn’t say anything in Slovene except ‘hvala‘, and I hoped that was enough for that nice lady.


The weekend was spent in utter bliss at Bled, where I had the chance to see the lake (which left me in awe, even hours after we went back to the cottage) and Slovenian traditional dance.



Back in Ljubljana, I went to the castle on the next day. It turned out that Maša was more than ready for this, as she brought along a tiny crown and told me to put it on. I got stares and smiles from strangers all the time I was there, and it was even more embarrassing when some people went the extra mile by calling me princess. Maša got a good laugh and I only got to smile sheepishly to that.

IMG_6398 copy

But at least I got this view of Ljubljana,


along with some strangers.


After that, we decided to go to Postojnska to see the cave (or as the locals call it, Postojnska Jama). It turned out that we weren’t that good at estimating the time, since we had to run a lot. Like, a lot. First we ran to catch the bus, then when we got off at the bus stop, we ran another mile to catch the 2 pm tour.


I got one minute to spare when we finally reached the ticket counter, breathless and exhausted (it was a loooong way of running from the bus stop to the cave). Maša had been there a couple of times so she waited outside (along with her textbook and calculator, all in the name of exam preparation) while I went in.




Never had I ever thought I would be that excited and mesmerized to see a cave, with all those stalactites and stalagmites. But Postojna cave is one of a kind, and I kid you not, it’s spectacular. When Maša asked how it was after I got out, I could only answer with an ear-to-ear grin.

We went back home after that, and because it was my last night in Ljubljana, we headed out again after resting for a bit, wandering aimlessly before having cocktails in one of the café at the riverside.




On my last day there, Maša told me that her grandmother wanted to see me before I left, so we had a coffee with her in the morning. Before we left, she gave me a Slovenian Easter ornament, and I couldn’t help feeling touched. Everyone there was so nice, from a stranger in the market, Maša’s family, and topped with the fact that I was gonna leave that place in mere couple of hours made my eyes welled up a bit. I said ‘hvala‘ so many times to so many people in my four days there.

After that, we spent my last hours there walking around and took pictures of the unique bits Ljubljana, or whatever things that will remind me again of this town when I look at it.

Like the Dragon Bridge,


or that one weirdly cute alley where it seemed that people hung everything that came across their mind. Shoes, umbrellas, you name it.



And of course, this square, which we passed so many times because it’s literally only a stone throw away from Maša’s place.


This, without a doubt, is one of the best and most memorable holiday I’ve ever had, thanks to Maša and her family.

It’s funny how a few months ago Slovenia was a place that I had to google to know its exact location, and how my four days there has changed it into a place that I solemnly swear to myself to visit again, someday. Because it’s just so beautiful and I remember feeling nothing but happy when I was there, and I’d like to have another chance to experience that again, at least once more.

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  • Reply Cut Isyana

    is it a crown on your head?
    Oh gosh, I miss Europe so so so very much..

    August 14, 2014 at 4:02 pm
    • Reply Dixiezetha

      haha yes it is! my friend brought it as a joke 😀

      August 14, 2014 at 4:17 pm

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