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A weekend in Bandung

I think by now everybody has understood how much I resent living in Jakarta. It still hasn’t changed, and I still need a getaway every few weeks or so. I’ve always loved Bandung. Probably a bit too much, seeing how many posts I’ve written about it (I wrote how I felt when I left it here and compiled a list of things I’d missed here).

Add my favorite people to my favorite city, and I had a blast.

Photo 3-28-15, 12 55 39We went to my old campus and dropped by this place. I spent many hours looking at this between the lab session. Almost every Thursday, I went home after midnight (the record was 2 in the morning, no kidding), with the dirty lab coat I’d given up to clean (why bother if I had to deal with all the mud and oil the next week?), and feeling like a zombie in the morning in 7 am Statistics class. Damn you, Fluid Properties.

Photo 3-29-15, 09 59 33On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at this place. It was blissful, albeit the show provided by a couple sitting next to us who were having a dramatic fight. But still, I didn’t want to leave.

Photo 3-29-15, 13 56 13It was raining everyday when we were there. The petrichor of the post-rain evening felt like how I’ve always remembered it.

Photo 3-30-15, 02 08 52On my last night there, we went to this place we used to go, and spent hours there. Same people, same place, same feeling. It was 2012 all over again.

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