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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Right after I booked the tickets to Singapore, I knew right away that I wanted to go to Gardens by the Bay again. I went there in 2012, and while the city didn’t impress me much, I’d known that I’d love to visit Gardens by the Bay again in the future, especially the conservatories. So on a hot Sunday afternoon, we went there. We’d bought the tickets online for SG$ 28 each (I really recommend this for anyone who plans to visit, as it saved us the time and troubles of getting in the line and waiting). We chose to walk to the conservatories rather than using the shuttle (SG$ 2), just because we fancied a little bit of walk. A walk in the sun? Good! That’s what we thought. Clearly, we didn’t know it was quite far, and the scorching sun would soon drain our energy.

gardens by the bay 51

We crossed the Chinese Garden, Indian Garden, and Malay Garden (no picture for those places, as I was walking as fast as I could and couldn’t bother to stop even just for a minute to take pictures).I chose the Cloud Forest first because as I remembered, it was far more interesting than the Flower Dome.

We got in, grateful for the cool blow of air from the waterfall,

gardens by the bay 55

gardens by the bay 54

before we went up to the top level.

gardens by the bay 3

The Cloud Forest replicates the conditions in tropical mountains, and the conservatory is packed with information boards about science and nature. There’s also a simulation of the global warming, and how it will impact the earth in 100 years time. It was eye-opening, but also really grim and depressing.

When we went out, we realized we were only half on hour away of the misting. Curious, we decided to went back in to see. We spent half an hour sitting by the waterfall and watching people pass by. I got all giddy when the misting started, it was beautiful and exciting, even though I had to run to cover my camera from all the mist (hence the absence of pictures).

After that, we went to the Flower Dome. Far less exiting than the Cloud Forest, but still wonderful.

gardens by the bay 58

gardens by the bay 57

gardens by the bay 56

It wasn’t until we were out that I realized I had no pictures of the flowers. I guess that means I’m not a fan, or maybe I was just getting tired and cranky with the crowd. It was quite late when we left the Flower Dome. We were hungry, too, but I couldn’t resist to stop and take a picture of this view.

gardens by the bay 59

We stopped for a really late lunch (or a really early dinner), before went out again to stroll around the park.

gardens by the bay 512

The sky was exceptional that day.

gardens by the bay 510

gardens by the bay 511

gardens by the bay 13

We were planning to stay until the evening to see the supertrees lit up. But in the end, we decided to go to the Skypark and see everything from there. So we walked toward the towers as it was getting dark, and stopped to take pictures in between.

gardens by the bay 514

gardens by the bay 15

There’s no explanation for the photo above, except that I twirl when I’m happy.

On the way out, we had an encounter with this scary flying baby. It might look less scary in the daylight, but in the dusk, it was definitely a bit spooky.

gardens by the bay 17

gardens by the bay 516

Later that night, I lied in bed, too tired to move. The heat and humidity plus all the walking is no joke. But even with the scorching sun, the spooky baby, and other little unpleasant things, it was still a good day.

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