And It All Started with This Blog


When I started this blog 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that sharing things online could actually bring me to the perfect strangers, who later would become my friends. Some friends stay online, and a few made it offline, aka the real life.

I first got to know Amanda through her blog. I think it was her who commented on my blog first, and since then we’ve been commenting on each other’s blog. We made plans to meet when she got back to Indonesia (she was doing a master’s degree in the UK at that time), and today it finally happened. Read more

Review | Dear Stranger: Letters on the Subject of Happiness


In my previous post, I promised to post the review of Dear Stranger: Letters on the Subject of Happiness. I initially planned to write the review only, but at the last minute I decided to share my experience instead, and write the review in another post.

Dear Stranger is a collection of letters from 50 people, writing about happiness and what it means for them. It covers a lot of things about mental health, with many authors draw from their personal experiences: their struggles, how they coped, and how they tried to find happiness. I also learned from this book that happiness is fleeting. It doesn’t come in such big, grandeur moments, but happiness comes in little things. Like seeing your dog wag her tail when she’s welcoming you home, or seeing someone smile. It could be as simple as a slow morning or a walk in the park. Happiness can be found everywhere, if we try hard enough to look for it. Read more

A Little Bit about Depression, from My Personal Experience


Initially, I wanted to write a review of Dear Stranger: Letters on the Subject of Happiness, but after reading Bebe and Christa‘s posts about mental health (depression in particular), I decided to write a bit about mental health in the hope to raise awareness, especially here in Indonesia (the review about the book will be in the next post, I promise!).

Just a disclosure, I’m talking based on my personal experience, so it might not be the same for others. But I hope my experience can shed some light for better insights and understanding about mental health. Read more

A Nightmare


Last night I had a nightmare. In that dream, I saw my dog being shot, and I watched helplessly as blood seeped out of her body. She was trembling all over and shrinking, and before long she lied helplessly in a pool of blood.

I woke up sobbing, and my chest literally hurt, as if someone just hit me there. Read more

The Lodge Maribaya


By now you might have established how much I loathe Jakarta. Some people were born to live in buzzing cities, but I’ve never really adjusted here, no matter how much I’ve tried. If you asked me what my achievements in life are, I’d put surviving in Jakarta as one of them. It’s a constant hurdle, and sometimes I feel very close to raising a white flag and say, ‘Okay, I give up.’

Whenever I feel I’m close to the edge, a getaway works wonder to keep my sanity intact and restore the balance. Read more