Calling all bloggers out there!

As you might know, I recently resigned from my job to do photography full-time (you can check the website here!). So far things have been great and I’m glad I decided to take a plunge for this. I can feel my creativity is growing and for the first time in a long while, I’m actually really excited to be doing something, and not going to bed at the end of the day feeling like a truck just ran over me.

I have always been documenting the progress here on the blog, and the support and encouragement I’ve received are nothing short of astonishing and heartwarming. This blog has seen my state in despair, but also my hopeful state. It’s seen me going through the bad times of my life, but more often, the good times. I really am grateful for the opportunities and friends this little blog has brought me over the years.

This blog and the blogging community mean so much to me, and for all the great things they offer me, I also want to offer something. Read more

Pustakalana Children’s Library

Pustakalana (2)

Some of you might know that I love reading. I never go out of the house without a book or Kindle in my bag, and I never go to sleep without reading a bit (or a lot, if the story is particularly exciting). Reading has been a huge part of my life. It’s a bit like first love — I don’t remember loving anything more than reading when I was little — and through the years, as my interests keep changing, reading is the one that remains the same. And through that, I’ve grown fond of writing, which now has become one of my passions.

This love affair with reading started way back years ago, when my mom read me bedtime stories. I spent my childhood in remote areas, where there was literally nothing to do but playing at the lake (or the beach, when I later moved to Sumbawa), and reading. I was lucky enough I went to schools which had libraries with good collections. I spent so much time in there that the librarian finally asked me to be her assistant (I said yes of course). Even before I did the real traveling, these books had me traveled all across the world, and the world outside our own. I had a happy childhood thanks to the many stories I read, and some of my lifelong dreams are inspired by those stories. I wrote a list of some of my old favorites here, if you’d like to see.  Read more

Bali Trip | Pemuteran

pemuteran bali (29)

Pemuteran. I don’t quite know why it took me so long to write this. Maybe it had something to do with the number of photos I had to work on now that I’m doing photography full-time, that in my spare time the least I wanted to do was working on other photos. Or maybe it was because how remarkable Pemuteran was, that I found myself struggle to write it. This place made me feel all sorts of emotions, and it gave me many memories.

On our fourth day in Bali, we woke up bright and early to brace the long journey to the north, up and down the hills through the terrain of Bali landscapes (more on that later). We got there with an hour to spare before the sunset, so after putting down our bags we rushed to the beach, following the directions the hostel owner told us. Read more

Postcards from Bandung

Postcards from Bandung (011)

Last Saturday I packed my bag and went to Bandung with my sister and her boyfriend. I’ve always had a soft spot for this city, so while I still prefer a quiet little town over a busy city, Bandung is a compromise I’d happily accept.

As familiar as it could be, it’s constantly evolving. Every time I go to Bandung, there’s always new things in every corner of the city, and I find the places I usually went to in college are gone, replaced by something new and strange. Some of much-loved places are obsolete, and instead of the places I was familiar with, now there stand shiny, sleek cafe and restaurants that my college self wouldn’t even think to enter. But some things remain the same, though. Like how much cheaper everything is compared to Jakarta, and how I can still feel at home, even when I’m surrounded by strangers. Read more