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Cherry Blossom Hunting in Gothenburg

Spring is here!

I’ve been enjoying the heatwave and the burst of colors around me lately, and for the last 2-3 weeks, I’ve been on a mission to hunt for the most beautiful displays of cherry blossoms in Gothenburg.

And it turns out, I didn’t have look too hard; they’re everywhere. At someone’s garden, next to a bus stop, or in the most random corners of the cities. I’ve been so spoiled by these beautiful views everywhere.

Some parts are more impressive than the others, and a few spots can even give you the iconic ‘Gothenburg in the spring’ views. If you’re a cherry blossom hunter like me, you might want to check out this list of stunning cherry blossom spots in Gothenburg (it’s probably too late for now, but perhaps next year?).

Södra Vägen

The street of Södra Vägen stretches for 1.9 km long, with chic cafes and bohemian shops lining the street on both sides. Right at the intersection with Berzeliigatan is where you can find a row of cherry blossom trees. It’s a short row, but still stunning nonetheless. If you cross the street to the other side, you’ll see these trees stand against the terracotta-colored buildings. It’s a quite remarkable view. It’s definitely one of my favorite views of Gothenburg in the spring.


Järntorget was one of the first places I visited in Gothenburg, and it’s one of the busiest hubs here. On one side of the square, there are 2 rows of cherry blossom trees, with a pedestrian path in between. If you walk here toward the direction of Linnégatan, you’ll be presented with one of Gothenburg’s most stunning iconic views.

The cherry blossom trees here are decorated with colorful lampions, which makes it all the more picturesque.


This is my ultimate favorite cherry blossom spot in Gothenburg. It’s a lot quieter than Järntorget, and the background makes it even more lovely; the pale yellow-and-green walls of the Gothenburg University building give the perfect mix of colors. The rows of cherry blossom trees on each side of the path form a pink canopy, a delight to anyone’s eyes.

I run out of adjectives to describe this place. Pastel-colored walls and soft pink cherry blossoms? That’s it, I’m done.


I went to the botanical garden for hanami, the cherry blossom festival. The festival, held annually at the end of April, is usually one of the most awaited events here. Families were geared up with their picnic baskets, and the botanical garden itself was dolled up with colorful lampions.

But unfortunately, this time, nature was not in our favor.

Owing to the long winter and late spring, most of the flowers hadn’t blossomed yet. To make it worse, the sky was gray and it was cold; definitely not a picnic weather. We came home disappointed that day, but I went there again the week after that and it was absolutely gorgeous.

This time, the flowers had blossomed, the sky was blue and the weather warm.

At the entrance

I went to the Japanese Garden, hoping there would be more cherry blossom trees in there, but there weren’t that many (and most of the flowers had fallen off).

The pond at the Japanese Garden


The cherry blossom display here wasn’t that impressive (especially after I’ve seen the other places), but if you’re after iconic shots of Gothenburg in the spring, then this should be on your list. The spire of the church in the background and the white cherry blossoms are a good combination, don’t you think?

Other places to look for cherry blossoms

These are the top places in the city, but as I said before, you can find cherry blossoms everywhere, even in the most unexpected or unassuming place.

A bus stop in Marklandsgatan

A pedestrian walk near Slottskogen

I didn’t expect my cherry blossom hunt to be so effortless, but I’m glad it was.

I said on Instagram that I liked Gothenburg more and more each day, and I think these cherry blossoms (and heatwave) played an important role in that.

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  • Reply Bama

    Those benches underneath that pink cherry blossom canopy look so peaceful, exactly a place I can see myself escaping to whenever I need a quick respite from anything. I had my first experience seeing cherry blossoms up close only a little over a month ago in Seoul. Despite the biting cold temperatures, the blooms really made some corners of the city look very welcoming. Didn’t know that Gothenburg was also a good place to marvel at the beauty of those flowers!

    May 21, 2018 at 1:33 pm
    • Reply Dixiezetha

      Yes, these blooms really transform the city. My favorite was the canopy, and although it wasn’t as quiet as I hoped it would be, it was still stunning. There are definitely lots of places in Gothenburg where the cherry blossoms make quite an impression, but I’m also curious to see them in Seoul and other places as well 🙂

      June 9, 2018 at 11:25 am

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