Crazy little thing called love

Happy Birthday, K!

Sometimes, people do something big for someone without knowing it.

For the past few weeks, my friends have been telling me that I’m glowing. This afternoon, I stood in front of the mirror for half an hour, tried to see in which part I was glowing, but I couldn’t see it. I just saw my usual face, with my lips curved forming a smile, and my eyes smiled.

And that was when I realized, maybe that’s what my friends meant about ‘glowing’.

Thinking back, I try to rack my brain about why I can be glowing. Then, another realization hits me. I’m happy. Period.

So then, I would like to say thank you to you, for making me this happy.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for the late night chats, the ride when you drive me home with the sweet playlist in your CD player (I tried to make the same playlist in my iTunes, but it just wasn’t the same without you sing along beside me), and the long conversation we had when we talked about our families, our childhood, and what we wanted to be. Thank you for understanding me, for laughing when I tell not-so-funny jokes. Thank you for insisting that I had to wear your jacket when it was freezing, even though you were cold and having flu. Yeah, I knew that. And thank you for holding my hand when I was scared, to let me know that I wasn’t alone, that you were there beside me. Thank you for the whispers when we watch movies, because we’ve never been patient enough to get to the end, so we google it and it ends up with everybody gets crossed at us. Thank you for the songs we sang, and the best duet we had. Thank you for all the laughter and all the teasing we throw. Thank you for all those nicknames. Although I always act like I don’t like it, I actually love it. Thank you for feeding me and giving me your last piece of food when you knew I was craving for that, and thank you for reminding me to eat when I forgot to have meals, and for reminding me about the sugar diet I have to undergo. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed when you knew I was exhausted, and for telling me to put the blanket on when I was cold (and by the way, your bed smelled nice). Thank you for calming me down with such a soothing tone whenever I have a panic attack. No one does it better than you. Thank you for teaching me little things, like how to download movies or programs. It’s true when you said, “You can’t download something without me, can you?” Thank you for your patience in teaching me something, when all of our friends have done few things ahead and you’re the only one who realizes that I’m still blank, so you teach me until I really get it. Thank you for rubbing my arm gently to calm me down when I got a bad score for my mid test, and telling me it would all be okay in the end. Thank you for cheering me up when I have blue days. Thank you for the pancakes and omelette we shared. It’s always nice, having meals with you. Thank you for understanding the big appetite I sometimes have, and for fulfilling it. Thank you for the secret glances and smiles. It will always be the highlight of my day. Thank you for caring about me, for asking me how I feel about things in life. Thank you for the conversation about our future, when we joke about kids, jobs, and everything else that matters.

Thank you so much. I owe you. So before I finish this, let me quote something from my favorite singer:

Before you met me I was a wreck. But things were kinda heavy. You brought me to life.

Katy Perry, Teenage Dream

Thank you for bringing me back to life, for making me happy, and for making me glowing. Thank you. I’m looking forward to having more days with you.


Happy birthday, K. May you always have the pure happiness, the same happiness that you spread for people around you. 

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