Kuma Ramen

Last Saturday Joydi and I finally made our long awaiting became reality: tasting Kuma Ramen. Kuma Ramen is this new happening place to eat ramen in Bandung. They also sell udon and other things, but ramen is the highlight. I’ve heard Kuma Ramen since few weeks ago, asked Joydi to go there, and finally made it two days ago (yeah, our schedules were always packed it was hard to steal some time for culinary experience. Ah, college life).

Since the tweets sounded fantastic, I thought it would be heavenly delicious. But I was careful enough not to set my expectations across Shinmen’s ramen, which, is the best ramen I’ve ever tasted.

It turned out that I wasn’t careful enough.

There was nothing special about the ramen. I ordered Beef Ramen, and I was disappointed when I tasted it. The sauce wasn’t great, the instant noodles was tasteless, and the beef slices was somehow… unmatched.

I also ordered caramel pudding, and they really shouldn’t have named it caramel pudding. It should be brown sugar puding. No caramel, just the over sweet brown sugar and (again) tasteless pudding.

Big disappointment. I would never go there again.

Rate: 1 out of 5.

Beef ramen

Caramel pudding?

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