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Survival Kit: Things That Helps Me Get Through The Day

Heaven knows I’m not in the best time of my life. I can’t stop counting down the days and waiting for March, when all this nightmare will be over. Seriously.

I’ve been so frustrated lately by people around me, and I can’t even get through a day without feeling purely happy. There will be, at one point or another, some frustration (thank you so much, dear people). So everyday, these are the only things that can make get through the day. I just tell myself, “Okay, be patient. A little more of this, then you’ll go home and watch one of these things.” So, this is my survival kit, and what’s in it:

1. Friends

This is everyone’s favorite, classic and timeless sitcom. What is it about? Well, the title tells it all. Friends is about six young people living in Manhattan, with all the everyday problems and friendship. It has its golden time, I must say. Ten years of airing for ten seasons, and people keep craving for that. No doubt about it, this is one of the most hilarious TV series ever!

2. Lizzie McGuire

I used to watch this everyday when I was in junior high. I always parked myself in front of the TV when I got home from school, clicked the remote and watched this in Disney Channel. When Disney Channel stopped airing it, my sister and I bought every single VCDs of Lizzie McGuire. Yes, that was how nuts we were. Lizzie McGuire is about a teenage girl with all typical teen problems: friendship, crush, mean girls, annoying brother, over-controlling mother, and every other teen problems. The reason why I still watch this until this very day? Because it reminds me of the times when life was just good and easy. Beside, it always makes me laugh.

3. How I Met Your Mother

Another popular sitcom, very much like Friends. It’s about a gank consists of five people, with a center character named Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic architect who desperately wants to find a wife, get married, and settle down. The misadventures of the gank and the on-off romance of Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky (members of the gank) keep the people from leaving this series. Also, everyone is curious about Ted’s future wife (the so-called mother, the biggest mystery in the story. Just look at the title). Pretty hilarious, and somehow when I watch this I get the feeling of light and fun. When I broke up with my boyfriend, I kept my laptop on with this series played in the player. Weirdly, I found some comfort in hearing the conversations and the ‘sitcom laughter’. Comfortable enough to put me to sleep and forget my ex for a little while.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Okay, so maybe this is not the best thing to watch if you want to relax. If there’s one perfect word to describe this series, it’s thrilling. Imagine four not-so-innocent girls (the edgy Aria Montgomery, the preppy Spencer Hastings, the sporty Emily Field, and the glam Hanna Marin), trying hard to reveal the mystery behind the murder of their very best friend, Alison DiLaurentis, and the person behind the mask of ‘A’, a lunatic that’s psycho enough to spy on them and terrorize them. Seriously, I get chilled every time I watch this. But there are reasons why I keep watching this in my spare time. One, the fashion and make up. It’s to die for. You’re gonna get lots of inspirations from here. My favorite is Spencer Hastings. Second, it reminds me so much of my hometown. The school, the little town, and everything I had in junior high. Beside, it’s not so creepy after the first time.

5. Modern Family

I’m saving the best for the last. This is my therapy. Oh no, I don’t need a psychologist or whatever, I just need this series. The most hilarious of all! Can’t watch an episode without laughing out loud, literally. The jokes are not funny, they’re witty. More than that, beyond witty! Imagine three dysfunctional families (all related), and out-of-mind incidents that somehow always happen, in a super funny way. And not  just it, there’s always something sweet about family that make you gasp and say, “Aww!” Funny things, sweet moments, and morals about family, all in one package. All I can say is, I want Phil Dunphy to be my dad!

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