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Simple Happiness

People are happy for different reasons. For a business man, maybe it’s when he’s got a huge deal on a real-estate property. For a busy working mom, all she needs is more time with her children to bring a huge smile on her face. For a college student, maybe it’s getting an A, or brilliantly passing an exam, or just the end of the semester.

For a college student, only getting two out of ten problems done in a final exam and breaking a glass in an expensive cafe and having to pay for it are something that would definitely ruin her day. Oh yeah, it did happen to me, today. But as mysterious as it has always been, the universe always has a way to make surprises. This time, the surprise came in a package of happiness I got despite all those horrible things.

Things are different for different people. Recently, if people ask me what would make me happy, I would answer, “Getting a high GPA, living in one of the countries in Europe, having a white Christmas, new dress, new books, and lots of other things.” Today, I learn something called simple happiness, that happiness doesn’t always have to come in a big, glittery and glorious package.

Sitting in his car and talking about random things, eating together and laughing in between, telling dreams and plans for the future and also passed even in the past, holding hands, watching a ridiculous-cheesy-porn movie and mocking it, seeing him fall asleep in the theatre and secretly kissing the tip of his shoulder, turned out to be a nice package of simple happiness only I could understand.

After all, it’s the little things that count.

And you, thank you for cajoling the sun to come up again after such a gloomy day.

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