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Farewell, Friends

Today I tweeted, ‘May the rest of this June be as sweet as its beginning. Amen.’ After the perplexity I caused last May, June comes to the rescue and now everything falls into places.

Three days to go until I leave and I’ve never felt this blue for leaving my friends behind. I remember a promise I made to myself months ago, that I would be there to watch my friends present their thesis, clap and cheer the loudest. And it feels so awful to know that I won’t make it.

So this for my dearest friends, who know how to make simple things become a great farewell, like curling up under a blanket and tell our deepest and darkest secrets while saying ‘What happens here stays in here, at this moment’, and giving me my favorite dessert as a ‘wishing cake’ that successfully made me burst into tears,

Thank you so much. I’ll be back in time to see you leave.

And as one of you said, “This is not a goodbye. This is a ‘see you later’.”

See you in July, dear friends.

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