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Another Goodbye

I once asked myself why God created hello if he had to create goodbye. More than anything, I hate goodbye. Everybody does. But then, if we don’t have goodbye, how are we gonna cherish a once in a lifetime experience? And without goodbye, how would we know that something is worth to be remembered? It’s the time between hello and goodbye that counts. A hello might be exciting, surprising, or even terrifying, and a goodbye is most probably hurtful. But then again, it’s the things in between that make us realize how precious things are.

For TM 2008 who just graduated yesterday.

Fly high, dear friends :’)

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    so, you do like writing too, huh? that’s great.. ^.^ come and take a look to mine, 🙂

    fighting, Dixie…

    July 15, 2012 at 5:24 pm
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