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Some things along the way

My favorite thing to do when I travel is getting lost. Oh, I make itinerary, I do. But in the end I always steal some time here and there to escape from the itinerary (by the way, this is why I always put an extra day for each city). Getting a surprise when making a turn to a corner works better for me than knowing what I’m about to see.

So here’s some photos and a few words of what was in my head when I took them.

IMG_0472An ice cream parlour, Bruges. “Ice cream and sunflowers are made for bright days.”

IMG_3900Divieto Di Affisione, Rome. “Too bad my sister Divie isn’t here to see it.”

IMG_1504Shit happens, Greifswald. “What a genius idea to hang this where your shit happens. I must have this in my bathroom!”

IMG_3651Achtung, Cologne. “Thanks to my German lessons, I know this means ‘Be careful’, otherwise I would look it as a cute thing, not a warning sign.”

IMG_0699Too close to the buttocks, Liége. “Is he smelling something?”

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