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Rough Week

I’m having a rough week. I have to let a few things go, things that have been my passion for such a long time and things that I so dearly love.

I keep saying to myself to let it go, that something better will come to replace it. Something that is much better. But I don’t even believe in my own words.

And since getting up is such a hard thing to do now, I choose to sit in my pajamas and watch Friends all day, and munch BK double cheese burger (something I haven’t eaten before, since a single burger without cheese can fill my stomach alright). I’ll keep doing that at least for the next few days, until I can think of those things without shedding tears. And as much as I hope things will get better, I also hope I don’t lose anymore weight, since I now touch 46 kilos, the lightest I’ve ever been in 8 years. My friend said I looked like a walking corpse.

Oh well.

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