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The Beginning of 2014

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It’s been such a whirlwind for the past few weeks. When the Christmas break started, I let myself relax for a bit and thought there would be 3 weeks before I have to slave myself. In the name of my love for Harry Potter, I made a day trip to London to have the studio tour I’d been waiting for. A few days later I went to London again for a blissful weekend, then back to Southampton and managed to do some work on my assignments and volunteered for the Nuffield Theatre between that (it had been busy with the Christmas show).

Christmas was spent with some friends in the hall, and on Boxing Day I went to London (again), then straight to Leeds and York after that. I was back before New Year with some options on how to spent the new year’s eve, but had to dismiss all plans as I was down with fever that night (talk about good timing).

After that, life revolved around writing essays, rereading and editing it, and studying for exams. It was always impossible to find a seat in the library unless I went early (which was something I could never do, as I’ve never been an early riser), so I didn’t even bother going there in the exam period. I was content with studying in the comfort of my room, only a few steps away from the kitchen in case I was hungry. And not having to worry that my seat would be taken if I left it for a bit too long was also a privilege these days.

After one group assignment, two essays, and two exams, I can finally breathe for a while before starting on one last essay for this semester. But before that, I’m gonna take a break and make a getaway, just to keep my sanity.

And although this is way too late to make a new year resolution, I’m gonna make it anyway. I won’t go into details though, heaven knows I’m not good at keeping detailed resolutions. So I just have one resolution for this year:

No more “I wish I had…”

Here’s to taking chances, living to the fullest, enjoying the moment, and having no regret.

Hello, 2014! 🙂

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