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June in a Nutshell

The weather this month has been very friendly that most of the days were spent outside. I lost count of how many picnics I’ve had, either real picnics or junk food picnics. Some times we were prepared with proper food and grill.

Photo 24-06-2014 04 57 35

Other times we just needed an excuse to go outside and lie in the sun, and that’s when the junk food came in handy.

Photo 21-06-2014 14 46 24 (1)

This is also my last month in Monte after living here for almost ten months. I spent the last few weeks walking around this place at night with a friend, staying up late just talking nonsense. On one sleepless night, we talked about how we were gonna miss this place and go to Riverside Park anytime we wanted that we didn’t realize the sun was already up. Then out of the blue, one of us (I forget which) said, ‘Let’s go to the park and sleep there’. What a crazy idea. But we were so sleepy and somehow the thought of sleeping outside was much more interesting than sleeping in bed, so we brought a blanket, walked in our pajamas and sandals and slept in the sun until a dog came and licked our faces. Not a good way to wake up, but that was one of unforgettable mornings.

Photo 15-06-2014 17 27 28

I also sneaked some time to see Didi before she went back to Indonesia. Seeing her felt like going into a time machine that brought us back to Bandung two years ago, and that made feel at home and homesick at the same time, if that’s even possible. We also saw Wicked and were completely blown away by the performance. Mesmerizing set, brilliant actors, fabulous costumes and catchy songs all in one package. I think that was one of June highlights for me. The euphoria stayed for a couple of days after that.

Photo 22-06-2014 21 57 38

So to sum up, this June is about blue sky, lying on the grass, and staying in the sun as much as possible. Also starting this month, I’ve been in the quest of finding bright-colored and unique walls in town, because it somehow fits June nicely.

Photo 15-06-2014 01 35 25

How come it’s the end of June already?

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