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Happy Birthday, Timothy!


I met Timothy in my first year of college, knowing nothing more than his reputation of ‘the cool guy with the perfect GPA’. Little did I know that later on, we would become best friends.

In our third year of college, we became the committee for LFM, and that’s how we got close. In one year period, we went through many ups and downs. Through tears and laughter and many late night talks, all personal stories came out. And then, weirdly enough, we got even closer when I moved to the UK. The time difference never really hinders us from swapping stories. Before I left Indonesia, I was afraid that the time difference would make my friends and I grow apart. While it does happen to most of them, Timothy is one of the exceptions.

He’s one of the people whose opinion I fully trust. From little things like ‘What do you think?’ to bigger things like ‘What should I do now?’, I always listen to him. Recent experiences have proven that if what he says contrasts my opinion, more often than not, he’s the one who gets it right. And since I can be illogical and irrational sometimes, I always rely on his reasoning to decide on something. I have no idea how he gets the patience to put up with all my shit, but he always listens. From ecstatic messages and angry texts I send for some opinions, confirmation or consolation, to teary calls I sometimes make in an emergency, he never ignores it. I do have to thank him a lot for all these things, and for keeping me sane.

Being a caring friend is only one of his great qualities. I’ve learned a lot from him to be sensible, kind, humble, and pushing myself to the limit to achieve what I want. For the past couple of days, I’ve been collecting messages and wishes from friends to be put in here, and it’s clear how much people admire him, and how much he’s loved.

He’s currently working REALLY hard to chase one of his big dreams, and I (along with everyone else) wish him tons of luck for that. Because, quoting Mamet, a good guy deserves a good life.

Happy birthday, Timothy!

P.S. If you haven’t, go wish him a happy birthday. Or, if you’re like me, who wants to give him something to look at whenever he wants, drop me a message and I’ll put it up on the birthday blog 🙂

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    happy bday 🙂

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