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Winchester Christmas Market

There was one morning when I was woken up by a knock on my door. My housemates asked me if I wanted to go to Winchester with them that day, and I said yes straight away (I’ve never, ever said no to Winchester). So I got up, made some toasts and a cup of tea, and got ready. Two hours later, we were already at Winchester.


The weather was exceptionally good that day. The sky was blue and clear, the sun was hanging low. The perfect weather for strolling around.


It was weekend, it was sunny, and it’s Winchester. As expected, that place was packed and walking from one side to another was one hell of a struggle. It was still beautiful, though. I mean, cute little things and Christmas are my weaknesses. Combine those two together, and I’d be happy whatever the circumstances were.





And I’m a tad obsessed with trees at the moment.





I ended up buying nothing from the market, except bratwurst. It was no fun window shopping with people kept bumping you, and feeling bad for holding people up when you want to examine goods carefully before buying it, like I did. I was content with watching people moved from one stall to the next, listening to Christmas music that was played in the background, and taking pictures of the Christmassy stuff.

We walked back to the parking lot as the sun set, leaving Winchester and the crowd behind.



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