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Hyde Park

I’ve never been fond of big cities, and London is no exception. I went there many times, and it was always good, but it never left an impression on me. For me, London was always too big, too crowded, and too overwhelming. Fascinating, but daunting. And yes, crazy expensive too.  London always put me on edge, and there were only a few places that could make me feel at ease, and Hyde Park was one of them.

I went there on a frosty Sunday morning, after an early stroll around Kensington.

hyde park-10

hyde park-1

hyde park-9

Some people were already in the spirit for some exercise.

hyde park-3

I wish I could the one of them. Hell, I’ve tried. But I think I’ll always be the person who favors more time in bed in a cold morning, and when actually gets to the park, prefers to take her time walking and wandering, with a camera in hand.

hyde park-4

I strolled along The Serpentine, and couldn’t resist taking a gazillion pictures. The tranquil beauty of the place somehow fit nicely with the grey sky.

hyde park-5

hyde park-2

A few people took their time feeding swans and ducks.

hyde park-7

Feeling slightly apprehensive about them (when I was a kid, I was once pecked brutally after feeding a bird, and that experience scarred me for life), I continued my walk and met this cutie.

hyde park-6

I was walking toward the end of the park when the weather suddenly changed.

hyde park-8

Good timing, British weather. I knew I said the grey sky had fit nicely, but sun and blue sky are always better. Always.

I would’ve stayed longer if 1) my SD card hadn’t been full, and 2), my stomach hadn’t made embarrassing growls. Feeling slightly ridiculed by the weather, I went to grab hot breakfast and a cup of steaming coffee.

All in all, it was a good walk. I went home with a stomach filled with hearty big breakfast and delicious coffee, a camera with a full SD card, and a new profound love for this tiny piece of London.

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