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An impulse, a bottle of wine, and a remarkable night

IMG_7912It all started with a quick dinner somewhere in Portswood, on a cold November night. As we were walking out, she suddenly said, “Let’s go to the docks.” I hesitated, thinking it might not be such a good idea to go there when it was windy and rainy, when she added, “Let’s buy a bottle of wine. For old times’ sake.”

And just like that, I was sold.

So we crossed the road, bought a bottle of white wine we’d usually drunk at Monte, and waited for the bus.

I first saw this place a few months before, when a guy took me to a boat ball. It was when the boat sailed back to the docks when I saw all the little lights, and thought, this is beautiful.



And so we walked around, half tipsy. We might or might not have twirled at some point, I can’t remember. We were just 2 nutters in the drizzle with a bottle of wine which was nearly empty at that point. So why not… twirl? The previous day I’d been talking to her about this. That night, we actually did that.

“What were we thinking?” I asked. “Going here when it was drizzling and windy, with a bottle of wine?”

There was a smirk on her face. “That’s the thing, darling. We weren’t thinking,” she replied.

I guess she was right.


In any case, I’m glad we went there. The crazier your adventure is, the more memorable it would be.

And of course, a bottle of wine made it all the more remarkable, as it always does.


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