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Sunday Morning

Moving to Jakarta hasn’t been easy for me. If there’s one thing that’s been a massive help, it’s this one.

sunday morning 23

She gives me the warmest welcome after a long day of work, sits straight and gives me puppy eyes when she wants something from me, and licks me all over at every possible opportunity. She likes mango, and weirdly, Body Shop mango body butter (stern warning for everyone: do not put that on before playing with her, or she’ll lick you till you’re bathed in her saliva).

I’ve always loved a good walk on Sunday morning, but living in Jakarta, it’s a bit hard to do. With the cars, polluted air, and overcrowded places, it’s a bit tricky to do a peaceful walk. But last week, my favorite guy came for a visit and we managed to go out for a walk on Sunday, bringing my dog along with us.

sunday morning 25

They quickly became the best buddies, leaving me behind.

sunday morning 4

It probably has something to do with their fondness of running, and as I’m not a big fan, I was happy to just stroll and take lots of picture.

sunday morning 10

sunday morning 7

sunday morning 21

It was a good morning. We got to see this teeny tiny bit of greenery,

sunday morning 8

sunday morning 9

and the dog was all tired and happy.

sunday morning 26

Favorite guy + favorite dog = great day. Guaranteed.

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