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Home Journal: WFH, Early Spring, and Little Joys Around the House

Reading the news lately has been depressing, and to be honest, I feel like I need a break from reading/watching/consuming anything about coronavirus. Unfortunately, it’s plagued both the real and social worlds, and I feel like there’s no escaping it. This has become our new normal, and the world once was before this started seems like a mere fantasy.

Trying to avoid it on social media, of course, is a minor concern if you see the bigger picture. But it’s still nice to break free from it, even just for a moment (wow, how did that feel like before this whole thing started?). I’ve been at home for more than 2 weeks now, and as frustrating as it feels sometimes, I’m grateful I can do it. To make things lighter, and to put things into a slightly better perspective, I’ve been taking a few photos around the house to make a journal here.

This is my third week of working from home, and I’ve been enjoying it so far (although I’m sure this feeling won’t last forever). I feel like I’ve been more productive as there’s a lot less distraction here. Having my own space has definitely been a huge help in keeping my sanity at bay.

And being in Sweden, of course we have to keep the fika (coffee break) routines, even at home.

There’s one sunny Saturday when we bought takeaway lunch from an Indonesian restaurant here (shoutout to Sayur Warung!). I had gado-gado with corn fritters and sambel ijo, and H had nasi rames – all was utterly delicious. We sat in the balcony in our coats for lunch as we were desperate to be outdoors after spending almost the entire week inside. It was freezing as hell, but we regret nothing.

That was the only time we bought food though, as I’ve become paranoid about this whole thing. So there’s a lot of cooking from this tiny kitchen.

And lots of cooking one-tin recipes from Rukmini Iyer’s cookbook (The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners) as I can’t be bothered to do anything more complicated.

If you know me well, then you’ll know that I’m a serial plant killer. But these creatures here seem to be tough enough, and the one on the left has even been thriving. Unbelievable.

Still on the horticulture subject, we planted the daffodil bulbs last autumn with detailed instructions from H’s mom. That morning when I saw the first flower bloomed, I squealed in delight. Am I turning into a plant lady? I don’t even know myself anymore…

I recently got my hands on iPad and Procreate, so I’ve been doodling and trying different stuff. And as I have nowhere to go, I’m also ahead of my reading challenge and I have time to spend on this blog. Silver linings, eh?

So that’s what the past 2 weeks at home look like, more or less. How has it been going for you? Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and well, and if you want to share your photos or journal as well, I’d be interested to have a look! 🙂

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  • Reply Justin Larissa

    Dixie, apa kabarnya di sana? Since corona outbreak, aku udah stop baca berita karena tanpa dicari pun, semua semua pada heboh di WhatsApp. Bikin gak enak banget. Jadi memang aku batasin dan lebih suka baca berita yg aku pilih, bukan disuapin.

    Btw, rumah kamu squeaky clean ya hahahaha. Rapih bener. Ruang kerja itu di loteng kah? Terus pernah gak sengaja kejedot atapnya yg miring itu gak? Xixixixi.

    April 7, 2020 at 1:03 am
    • Reply Dixiezetha

      Hai Justin, baik. Kamu gimana di sana? Aku juga sekarang udah mulai berhenti baca berita tiap hari (dulu awal2 selalu pantau teruuus berita & angka2nya, sekarang udah ga mau lagi, malah jadi stress).

      Kalo ruang kerja emang selalu rapi soalnya ga konsen kerja kalo berantakan. Yang lain, itu tuh diberesin dikit2 sebelom foto ahahaha. Rumah aku di lantai atas, jadi ga loteng banget sih cuma emang di beberapa titik langit2nya melandai gitu. Awal2 suka kejedot karena lupa, sekarang udah refleks nunduk jadi ga pernah kejadian lagi deh 😀

      April 13, 2020 at 3:20 pm

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