Be Careful Of What You Dream Of

Sometimes, you have no idea how delirious a dream could be.

I’d had a dream about something since the very first day I knew it. I’d been living on that dream for more than two years, worked harder than anyone I knew, until one day I finally got it. I’m still living that dream now.

Am I happy?

I wouldn’t say yes straight away. By the time it came true, it didn’t feel like a dream anymore. It’s more like… an obligation. A mandatory. A duty. Something I have to do. Of course, the first few weeks felt great. But it was like drinking bottles of champagne. You have that bubbly feeling for a night, and the next day the hangover hit you when the headache kills you.

It doesn’t feel nice. I’ve been living in stress for weeks, repressing every anger and burst out. It’s not something I can quit just like that. I’ve got few more months before I finish this, something I thought that would be my dream.

So when you really want something, you’d better ask yourself before chasing it, “Do I really want this?” Ask yourself again and again. Not once, or twice, but thousands times. Because what would it mean if you get something you’ve been dreaming for years, but it turns out later that it would hold you back from getting any bigger dreams?

Dream big, work hard, and be careful. Be extremely careful. 

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