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Today’s Best Thing: Cupcakes!

This is one of many bad days in my life, when I wish nothing but to wrap myself in my blanket and sleep.

My programming exam was a mess. I couldn’t do half of the problems, and when I finally knew what to do, the time was up. Another thing, people think my best effort is not good enough. Worse, they think it’s a mess. My best effort is a mess. I really don’t know what to do anymore.

The good things about today that can cheer me up a little are:

  1. I finally got a topic for my thesis, and to make it better, my professor is awesome!
  2. The little surprise from my dearest friends to celebrate Timothy, Faba, and my birthdays. This is the first and cutest cupcakes I’ve ever received! Thank you guys :’)

The cupcake (with my face on it!) and me

Cute, isn’t it?


Cupcakes for Timothy, Faba, and me

Thank you for the cupcakes. It really made my day.


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