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Once Again, October 7!

I remember, Raditya Dika once said:

Time doesn’t fly, it warps!

Well, little did I know it would be so true, until now. This pictures might show how we (or I, in this case) tend to forget how time warps.

One year-old me with mom

One year-old me with dad

And now, twenty years later:

Twenty one year-old me, living away from my parents

Hello again, October 7! Nice to meet you again. Thanks God for all the blessings, and also for my family and friends for the surprise, cakes (yes, more than one! :D), messages, texts, tweets, wall posts, and wishes. It really are blessings, to have you all and to reach this age, healthy and happy.

And also, happy birthday to my favorite Indonesian photographer, the amazing Andra Alodita, who happened to have the same birthday as me. I hope one day I could be as good as you.

More about the celebration later. Once again, thank you! :’)

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