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Now And Then

April 29, 2011

We will never be together. We’re too different, and the universe won’t let us. You’re organized and I’m messy. You’re a walking miracle and I’m a walking disaster. You want to get a master’s degree in Germany after you graduate, while I want to take a year off and live in Spain for a year or two. You want to work in this industry, I want to build a bookstore and publish books. You want to live a big city, while I want to live in a quiet little town. See? We want different things, that’s why we’re different. And I have enough experiences to know that too many differences won’t do any good.

December 23, 2011

Things change. Feelings change. People change.

We say, why not try to work it out? You can live in Germany and I can live in Spain, and we can meet in the middle once a month or so. Say, France? Beside, opposite attracts, people say. It’s like yin and yang. And magnets pull something that has the opposite pole, doesn’t it? It’s differences that make things aren’t so boring. 

So seven months from now, at the graduation, I’ll say, “Let’s sail the ocean, leave everything behind and chase our dreams. I’ll send you a letter from Spain, tell you to meet me at Gare de Lyon.”

Three years from now, we’ll be at places we want to be, and I’ll smile every time I remember you and Gare de Lyon.


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