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Sisters-Bonding Time!

My sister and I are living under the same roof, but we barely see each other. It’s considered a wonder if we have a couple of hours to be spent together.

So according to that, last night can be counted as a wonder. We decided to have a little culinary trip, starting from Coto Makassar we saw a few months ago, but never had enough time to taste it.

Located at the very edge of Bahureksa Street, this place looks comfortable enough if you want to have a meal there, but this is definitely not a place to hang out for hours. The Coto Makassar tastes good enough to satisfy our craving. Being born in South Celebes, I spent my first ten years of life living there and I’ve grown to like this food. Many places serve this traditional food, but only a few have the original taste. Unfortunately, this is not one of that. It’s a bit like beef stew rather than Coto Makassar. After all, it’s acceptable for our Celebes tongue, and it’s delicious enough if you don’t compare it to the original.

Coto Makassar, best served with buras. But ketupat will do me good 😉

Next destination: Spatula. We don’t give much a chance for the food to be digested as we went straight to Wira Angun Angun Street. I’ve heard about Oma Anna‘s craft and the famous homemade jam, and I was sooo curious. We ordered chicken macaroni schotel and toast with orange jam. For the drink, we decided to share and only ordered Oma Anna’s homemade syrup. The best thing is, insert drumroll here, the toast! It’s the best toast I’ve ever tasted, and I’m not exaggerating, I swear. The bread is soft and chewy, the butter tastes so creamy, and the jam adds special kick. To make it better, the jam is organic. The schotel tastes good too, but it could do better with longer baking since it’s too moist. The syrup, well, my sister looooves it!

After all, this is a very recommended place to eat. I’m craving for more, and will definitely go back here. I’m impressed with the owner. When all diners in Bandung are racing to build a European atmosphere, Spatula maintains a strong old Indonesian atmosphere. Entering Spatula made me feel like going into my grandma’s house, and it’s heartwarming in a weird way. In addition, it’s cheap too!

The BEST toast with orange jam

Chicken macaroni schotel

Follow Spatula’s twitter, @spatulaBDG or kindly visit the blogs here and here.

Let’s have another culinary adventure, Div! 😀

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