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A Midnight Rambling

This has been a year, more or less
And still, we’re playing with this mess
There are a lot of things I refuse to remember
And yet I can’t erase that one night in December
When we sail the night
To find some light

You asked me to dance along the band
Like a fool, I took your hand
Deliriously smelled your scent infusing every single of my cell
And I enjoyed it too much to resist your spell
So once again, I found myself trapped in the counterfeiting bliss
As I questioned myself, what is this?
We play this game with such innocence
And slowly, we lose our sense
Pretending that this is not real
So again, we bury what we feel
Haunted with this one fear
That someday this will become crystal clear
Should that ever happen one day
Please know that I choose to stay
You might go, yes you can
But I’ll be here to reminisce how this began
And in the end I’ll be smiling
Grateful for the chance to have this feeling
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