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Blue April

So May has finally come, and I have to say that I’ve never been this grateful to say goodbye to April.

April has never done any harm to me, until this last one. It brought me a lot more blues than it had done before. This is the month where relationships fell apart. I grew apart with some people I care the most. Truths were unveiled; some were heartwarming, and the rest were heartbreaking. Things happened; some were predictable, and the rest were surprising. In this April, I finally learnt a harsh truth, that some people are not whom I thought they were.

I survived this April by making myself exhausted every single day, as not to think about things that matter the most to me. Things that, sadly, have gone in a completely different way than I expected.

But as the quote says, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. Things that happened in this April has brought me to a new point of view, and thank God, now I can see things much clearer than before. And much more than before, I’m grateful for the people who stick with me through all this time.

I’m not thrilled about this May, because I know that this May will be much more frantic than any other Mays I’ve had. But hey, at least frantic is better than blue.

So, goodbye to April and all its blues, and cheers to May!

Welcome, dear. 

The black will be grey and the white will be grey
But the blues are still blue

Belle and Sebastian, The Blues are Still Blue

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