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Incorrigible Thoughts

Nobody likes being left out. While for some people this might come as the top ten things they hate, for some other it’s the ultimate number one (the second is being lied to, the third is being yelled at for no reason, and so on).

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’re forgotten, that nobody cares enough to let you in. The worst feeling is when you realize that you’re forgotten because, subconsciously, you’re not entitled to the kind of things you think you’re already in.

And the knockdown is to hear the off-key remarks about your effort, or worse, being judged that you do nothing despite your bend-over-backwards struggle to be in.

And when your confidant is the one who shuts you down with all those things, that’s when you know that you’ve cracked, and it’s time to downgrade the word ‘friend’ to ‘acquaintance’.

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