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When Lidya was in Bandung

This weekend I found some photos of Lidya’s visit in my old folder. So it was a year ago (probably longer than that) when she visited me for three days. We did what we usually do when we meet: shopping, drawing/painting, telling stories (love stories, to be exact), gossiping (and cursing some people, pardon us), and going around. I took her to some places I thought she would like.


IMG_1357We’ve never been an avid eater, but we do love places with great interiors.


One of our rituals is trying to make something artsy. Back in our middle school days, we never missed our favorite program in Disney Channel, Art Attack. We loooved Neil Buchanan and everything he made. Our favorite part was the the ‘big’ art, in which Neil would make something out of everything he found around (could be towel, rope, or anything), with the camera shot him from bird view. We even used to try to make those things (and took the stuff we would need from the school storeroom beforehand), for example the famous Boring Old Book. Anyway, this time we decided to paint. It was fun!




IMG_1207And because at that time I was so hooked with mustaches (don’t ask why), we went crazy with those.


And just in case you wonder how the paintings turned out:


Looks like 6 year-old paintings, I know. But in our defense, we were amateurs and beside, we loved bright colors. Problem solved. I decided to name the guy in my painting ‘Charlie’. I don’t know where did it come from, it just felt right (he looked like a Charlie, in my mind). I think Lidya still has her painting, but I gave mine to someone and I’m hoping it didn’t end in the swamp.

My times with Lidya are always great, that’s all I can say. They don’t have to be fun (because there are times when we’re heartbroken and cry for hours), but they’re definitely momentous and worthwhile.

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