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Unintentional Eavesdropping


There are many times when I accidentally hear a conversation I don’t want to hear. For most of the time, I can leave straight away, but there are times when there’s no escape, like a conversation I happened to hear this morning.

“You know how some people regret loving someone in the past because it’s just a waste of time?”


“I don’t feel that way about him.”


“Because just falling for him makes me happier than I’ve ever been in such a long time.”

“Even if he breaks you, like he does now?”

“Even so.”

“Even if you were still crying just a minute ago?”

“Even so. I’m still happier than when I didn’t fall for him.”


“I know.”

“Either you’re a masochist, or you’re just plain pathetic.”

“Sadly, I have to agree with you on this, dear Brain.”

Dear Heart, could you please just listen to Brain just for this time? I’m tired of having never-ending battles in my head. I’m sure you’re tired of bleeding as well.

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