Happy Birthday, Mamet!

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Meet Mamet, one of my favorite writers.

I met him a few years ago, but started to get to know him better after we worked together. Just for a brief introduction, here’s the sum up about Mamet: an absentminded guy who gets lost easily, likes to pick his nose, has great taste in music and movies. And of course, he also has killer skill of writing.

He also has another trait that is my favorite: he’s a great person to talk to, especially when it comes to love (ahem). Through my college years, I’ve had some ups and downs (more downs, to be honest) in my love life, and he’s the ultimate choice when I want to pour everything out (I don’t tell him about my problems that often though, I just save it for chronic cases). Unlike some people, he can listen to my story without being judgmental and condescending, and can offer consolation without having to agree with me. He’s just wise. That’s why I can be comfortable being totally honest when I tell him my feeling about something someone, because he’s not negative. And of all the words about love my friends say to (try to) console me, nothing satisfies me as much as his. I can be totally lost and heartbroken and bummed out, but after talking to him and hearing his words, I always feel much better. And as a bonus, because he’s a writer, his consolation often comes in beautiful words (that would later come up in my blog sometimes, like this).

So here’s to Mamet, may he always have happiness and wisdom in his life.

Happy birthday, Mamet!

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