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Saturday Night

Okay, let’s take a break from the Cornwall posts (which is nowhere near the end).

Last Saturday we made a potluck dinner for the second time, this time with more people. The more the merrier! We came to Alex’s, and that place was packed with people from all around the world. France, Venezuela, Mexico, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Norway, Italy, Slovenia, Cameroon, you name it.

So we started the dinner with fresh, light, and delicious quesadilla, made by Octavio.


Then we had some chat.



After a few fiascos (one of them was when Riccardo burnt the pizza box in the oven and Alex went bananas, worried that the fire alarm would start ringing — in his defense, they always put the box in the oven in Italy), we attacked the main dishes fiercely, which was totally understandable, since it was almost ten and everyone was starving. It was so brutal that I only managed to get one picture of the main dishes, whereas there were other delicious food (like pizza and pelmeni, to name a few). Everything was so delicious that I’m determined to ask for the recipe of each and every dish. The best part? Alex didn’t have enough plates for us all, so she told us to dive into the dishes with our forks. It was madly fun!

This is the only picture I got, with Lukas and Katka’s couscous and falafel, and my fried noodles.


It couldn’t get any better than this. I kept hopping from one dish to another, was unable to stop because everything was incredibly delicious. And the cherry on top of our fabulous dinner is… the desserts! Maša made a chocolate cake, Geoffroy made cupcakes and Katka made muffins. Sweet, sweet, sweet night. 🙂



After that, we chatted for a long time, barely moved because we were so full with all the food.





How could anything beat a good meal and good company, altogether in one place? Everyone agreed that it really was a great night. Alex said that she didn’t expect that many guests, and she didn’t expect the dishes to be that good (although it sounded like an offense, I believe that it was a compliment 😉 ).


Thank you for being a great hostess, Alex, and thank you everyone for a great night! 🙂

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