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Cornwall pt. 3: Penzance, and a glimpse of St. Michael’s Mount

On the way back from St. Ives and Land’s End, we made a quick stop at Penzance, just to see ‘how it looks’.

It looked quite like St. Ives, actually, if you look at one side.



We didn’t do much in here. We just walked on the pavement along the beach, captured the typical Cornwall atmosphere while smelling the fishy air and commenting on five swimmers who were mad enough to swim down there in a cold weather (and believe me, it was cold. Never once did I take my coat off). But we got some pretty nice view along the walk.



Not long after that, we drove to another part of the beach, with the intention to visit St. Michael’s Mount. St. Michael’s Mount is one of the tidal islands that can be reached by walking from the mainland. There’s a gorgeous castle in there. At least, that was what I saw from the beach, because apparently, luck wasn’t with us. It was late in the afternoon, which means that the tide was already high and we couldn’t walk to the island. And it was Saturday, the day when the boat was out of service. Oh universe, why?

IMG_1446 copy

I couldn’t stop imagining how wonderful it would be there. But anyway, I’ve made a plan to visit Cornwall again with Divie and Juan next year, and I’ll make sure that we’ll go there, down to every corner of the castle.

Meanwhile, this was the beauty captured in my camera.

photo (20)

Until then, goodbye, Penzance!

P.S. To see the first and second part, click here and here.

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