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Cornwall pt. 2: Land’s End

Wow, I’ve put this off for too long. It’s been busier than usual in here with all the classes and assignments. So here’s the second part of the Cornwall trip.

After St. Ives, we made a stop at Land’s End. The entrance looked like a recreational park for children with no hints of the sea and the cliff (although we got a glimpse of it from the parking lot).



We completely ignored all of those and walked straight to the edge, where we could see the sea, the waves, and the cliff. A quick trivia about Land’s End:

  • It’s the most westerly point of England
  • Often used to measure distance, because it has a distinctive resonance
  • Often called a treacherous coast, as there were many shipwrecks here due to dense fog, half-submerged reefs, western gale, and strong currents.


There’s a map there, showing a tiny circled location with many (and I mean, many) red dots, and it says that in that area only, there were 37 shipwrecks. This reminded me of one of Famous Five’s books (what else?), Five Go Down to the Sea, where some rascals shone fake lights to lure the ships to the rock. Once they were wrecked, this rascals would plunder the ships. And it turned out that the universe wanted to add some more excitement, because the next thing I knew, I saw a cave in the cliff.


See that? There could be a passage behind that cave that lead to a barn just like in the book! But anyway, the sea, the cliff and the grey sky altogether somehow seemed perfect for me. Perfect for going into the fantasy of being in Famous Five’s adventure.


And also, there were a few of farm-house look-alikes (or probably they used to be real farm houses), and of course, this also reminded me of Famous Five. I can’t remember how many times they sleep in the barn throughout the entire series.



I know, I know. I’ve been talking about Famous Five too much. But I can’t help it! It was like going to the holiday-slash-crime scene in the book, although most probably it wasn’t the exact same place. Anyway, I promise this would be the last time I talk about Famous Five (at least in this post).

To be honest, there wasn’t much to see in here. I think the fact that it’s the most westerly point of England is what attracts people to here. Of course, the view is great and there’s all these facts about the shipwrecks, and you can also use the binocular to see faraway islands, but this is not the highlight of my Cornwall trip.

Oh, and on the way out, I saw this interesting plates attached on the wall.


I’m so gonna do what Sonia Cockayne says on her plate. I’m on my way there 🙂

P.S. To see part 1, click here.

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