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Some Bits of June

It’s eleven days into July already, but there are some traces of June that are left in my phone. I’ve been too lazy to bring my camera with me for the past few weeks, so I can’t be more grateful for phone camera. I try not to get attached with my phone, but there are times when I walk outside and see a piece of beauty, and those are the moments that I’m glad I have it with me.

Photo 08-06-2014 06 26 58I’ve had many sleepless nights in Wessex, but this one was memorable for a reason. A few weeks prior to moving out, my friend and I stayed up all night talking gibberish. When the dawn cracked, she blurted out, ‘I’m gonna miss going to Riverside whenever I feel like it.’ At that time it seemed mad to go there in our pajamas with eyebags and unruly hair, but now I’m glad we did because it was the last time we went to the park before we moved out.

Photo 20-06-2014 19 30In one of the library sessions, as I was stressing over research proposal and heaps of papers, I went outside for a break. The dusk was just too pretty not to be captured.

Photo 28-06-2014 18 14 22There was one morning when I woke up with a call from Dwi, asking me if I wanted to go to Bath. I asked when, and he said, ‘Now.’ Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go, considering I’d just had a crazy night out and was still hungover, but who could resist Bath? So I said yes, and an hour later we hit the road. And again, I’m glad I said yes. Sometimes the best things are the unplanned ones, and this is definitely one of those cases. We ended up in Bristol instead, walked around the city and took tons of pictures, and drove back with Arctic Monkeys played on repeat. Good day.

And now let’s move on to July.

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