The Thing About Airports

The thing about airports is, they witness so many emotions in every corner of it. I imagine if I were there, 24/7, there would be a million stories you could read in this blog. Every time I go to one, there’s always a few scenes that caught my eye. The little girl I saw bounce merrily at the sight of her mother coming out of the arrivals gate, and how they embraced like it’s been years since the last time they’d done it. The girl at the waiting area who silently wiped her tears with her scarf and tried really hard to be inconspicuous. But the most heartbreaking, is the departures hall who’s witnessed so many goodbyes, tears, hugs and kisses. Sometimes it’s not that sad, like that time I overheard a man said ‘I’ll see you there in two weeks!’ with a big grin on his face. Other times, it’s less cheery. Far from cheery, even. An old lady who seemed to fight back tears as a young guy (whom I assumed was her son) walking toward the gate. The couple who sat in silence, each seemed to be lost for words. Another couple, who hugged so tightly with tears in their eyes.

Having seen all these things, I sometimes wonder what their stories are. Sometimes, it makes my story feel less significant. But I’ll leave that to the airport walls to judge.

‘The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses than wedding halls, and the walls of hospital have heard more prayers than the walls of churches,’ they say. It might be true, I think. Of all places, it seems airports are unfortunate enough to witness so many goodbyes, tears, and broken hearts.

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  • Reply Katka On The Shore

    So true, nicely said. The quote at the end is really beautiful. This made me weep a bit.

    May 16, 2015 at 11:16 pm
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