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Some things along the way vol. 9: Wayfarers

For this installment of Some Things Along the Way series, I gathered some pictures from an old folder. I didn’t realize people-watching would eventually become something habitual for me, all the more when I travel. There’s something intriguing about observing human interactions, and perusing people who enjoy solitude is equally fascinating.

I actually have no idea if these people were on vacation, I just assume they were. Excluding the last photo in this post, these were taken during the spring break at Lake Bled, Slovenia, a main tourist destination.

people 2

When I was there, spring was on its way, and the weather was pleasant most of the time. I was walking around the lake when I spotted this couple dining at a cafe, facing the lake while conversing. They were all smiles and giggly, and looked so… in love.

people 5

Up in the castle, I found another couple enjoying the scenery, with a lady sitting nearby, seemingly lost in her mind.

people 6

She looked content with her camera though, enjoying the scene in front of her while the view behind her was screaming for attention.

people 3

people 4

Down at the lake, people were strolling on a path lined with blossoming trees, while others were sitting on the benches, probably wondering the same thing as I did: ‘How did we get so lucky to be here?’. Time seemed to have stopped in this place, everything was so calm and quiet and serene. Bled itself was beautiful, with turquoise water, a tiny island in the middle of the lake with a chapel on it, and a castle on a cliff which from afar looked like a toy, or at least something you’d find in a children’s book. The sun gleamed on the water, and rays of sunshine broke through the tree branches. It was a perfect place for an escape, and the gorgeous day made it all the more stunning.

people 7

Moving away from Bled, this last picture was taken in front of a bus station near Postojna Cave, while I was waiting for a bus back to Ljubljana. Everyone was antsy and irritated by then, it had been an hour and we didn’t know how long we still had to wait. But these two — I assumed they were mother and daughter — just sat on the bench and talked quietly, while gazing at the view upon them. They looked so peaceful, and I found my frustration slowly faded away.

I’d like to think that these wayfarers had preposterous stories that were yet to be told, silently kept to the ones who mattered to them. And as I stood there, my mind wandered to every possibility of those stories, which might or might not leave me in awe.

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