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The Precious Few Hours

After almost two and a half years, I finally met one of my best friends, Sepri, last Sunday. I specially went to Jakarta to see her. And it was worth it.

She and I have been friends since high school. We went to the same school and it turned out that we rented the same place to live! We got so many things in common, it didn’t take long for us to be close friends (and later, good friends). We shared the same taste for everything, had same habits (except the part that she’s a very organized and tidy person while I’m, uhm… a bit messy). When it came to school, she was always be the one I looked up to. She was beyond diligent, not to mention smart. Whenever I felt like sleeping and ignoring my task or even skipping a day at school, all I had to do was went to her room, and voila! Research stated that the probability I would go out with a new spirit is about 95 percent. Somehow, she always had ways to  encourage me.

I also remember the time we did stupid things, like stayed up until 2 am just talked about our future weddings, who would be what and who would get married first. There’s one time when we had Itazura Na Kiss marathon until 5 am, cried and laughed uncontrollably, when I actually had to save my energy for Christmas shopping with my family the following day.

When the senior year came and we had to make our own decisions about the so-called, ‘Where do I go after this?‘ question, I finally realized that the chance we would go to the same college was almost zero. My prediction was true. She was accepted in the best medical school in this country (which made her had to move to Jakarta) while I was studying engineering in Bandung. It doesn’t seem like a really long way to go, right? But add the hectic schedules of us, then it was almost impossible to meet. The first time I met her after high school was in May 2009 when she went to Bandung, only for a few hours because I had an English exam that day.

The second time we met, it was last Sunday at Grand Indonesia. She had an exam for the following day, so we only had 4 hours to catch up on each other’s life. It wasn’t enough. She told me about her classes, the cadaver in her anatomy class (really, I was beyond amazed when she talked about this calmly while eating her lunch!), and her boyfriend. I told about things that happened in my life. I skipped so many parts because I didn’t want to waste the time. I wish we could have another sleepover and slumber party like we did back in those crazy-high-school days. There are sooo many things I’d like to tell her, and I was craving for more stories from her.

When it comes to your best friend, few hours is never enough. Trust me.

I miss you, Sepri :'(

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