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For Ocha and Dhita


I can’t believe two of my good friends got married today, only a few hours apart. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were struggling with the always-exhausting Production Engineering exams, arguing about the right way to solve drilling problems, and inducing ourselves with some caffeine to stay awake for at least one more hour in preparation for the comprehensive exam.

It’s been almost two years since that time when we did all those mundane things like going somewhere out of the blue just for the sake of having fun, staying up late in the campus for God-knows-what, and having sleepovers at least three times a week (be it for studying, gossiping, or a movie-marathon). And now that we don’t get to do all those things, they somehow have turned into wonderful memories that leave me feeling nostalgic sometimes.

As much as I’m happy that Ocha and Dhita have found their loves and are now embarking on their new lives, there’s a teeny tiny part of me that says, “Wait, not yet. We haven’t done those things on the list!” It might not be important, those things on the list, like having one last sleepover, sparing a day to go crazy, basically redoing our college days for one last time. It’s the feeling that I somehow lose them a little bit, even though I know that I never really lose them.

And the saddest thing is I couldn’t be there for them, seeing them in their wedding gowns and hug them while saying how beautiful they are. Well, I managed to see Ocha via Skype (thanks to Iota who went all the trouble holding up the phone and bringing it up in front of Ocha for us to see each other face to face), but too bad I couldn’t see Dhita’s wedding since the connection had gone awry (but anyway, thanks again Iota, and Brian, for trying). I had to be content with just some photos of Dhita’s wedding. And also thanks to my sister who delivered my letter to Ocha. I hope she would find a time to read it before she’s busy with… other things.

But at least I got to see them. I got to see Ocha blew a kiss for me via a video call, while I got to see Dhita in some photos that were uploaded instantly in Whatsapp group (thank you, technology!). And they both looked happy and radiant, just like I imagined they would be on their wedding day.

That was when I finally cracked and cried a bit. You know when you’re somehow happy just because you see a glowing happiness on the face of someone you love? That’s what it was.

Congratulations Ocha-Dito and Dhita-Andri! May you be as rich in life as you are in love. I’m sending you a prayer from here 🙂

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