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Taste Of India

Another culinary adventure with my sister, and this time we were going Indian.

I heard about this restaurant from one of my friend. She described it as ‘heavenly delicious’. So on a gloomy Saturday afternoon, off we went to this restaurant, which by the way, is located on Pasir Kaliki Street, one of the most dense area in Bandung.

For starter, we ordered fish fingers, IDR 30,000. Disappointed. My sister and I thought it wasn’t worth that much for such a small portion. But we set aside that thought and keep the expectation high. Maybe it would taste so great that the price wouldn’t matter anymore. Wrong. It smelled bad, like it was made from rotten fish. I lost my appetite instantly. The good thing was, the mayonnaise. Really delicious, with the right acidity and consistency.

Fish fingers

Okay, let’s move on from the starter. For the main dish, I ordered a student package, and chose chicken over vegetables for the main ingredients. It tasted okay. The chicken curry was splendid, but the vegetables tasted like gulai.

Student package (chicken)

My sister ordered nasi briyani and something with lamb as its main ingredients (I forgot the name). The lamb came in a little cauldron, and it turned out to be a little too much for two people. The lamb was so tender, and the spice marinated perfectly. The nasi briyani tasted sooo great. Combine those two, and you’ll get a fantastic meal!

The lamb dish

That I-forgot-its-name lamb with nasi briyani

Would I come back here again? Maybe, but not in a short upcoming period. Maybe one day, when I crave for Indian food.

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